Thursday, May 22, 2014

Place Yourself on High Alert...


Yes, indeed, I am writing this post sans pants, and you know why?

Because I can. 

And so can you.

Take 'em off.

The school year ended yesterday for me, so now here I am enjoying the most glorious day of the year in a pantsless condition. Important notes on the subject:

#1: I'm alone in the house.  This is critical, and here's why: being alone in the house is a mighty rare occurrence for me. In my past life, before I caught a bad case of Thrasher, I had all the time alone I ever wanted or needed. Maybe even a little more than was good for me. Frankly, though, I kind of got used to it, and pants-free was just a normal condition as long as the shades were drawn. Now, though, not so much. Don't get me wrong, it is absolutely great to have people around to talk to, laugh with (or about), and just hang with. It does put a damper on the whole wearing pants thing, though. So today, while everyone is at work (sorry, boys), I am celebrating by loosening the household dress code. Woo hoo! 

Also, I am not the kind of stepmother who doesn't wear pants around her kids. Ew. Really. Stop thinking about that. Right now.

#2: It is so much easier to dance without pants. Don't believe it?  Take off your pants, put on the music, and get your dance on. AmIright?

#3 and possibly the most important reason: FREEEEEEDOM, SWEET FREEEEEDOM!!!  The day after the last day of school is sacred and beautiful. Once a year, school folks have the pleasure of saying, "Whew, well, I guess that's done, then."  We get an 10-week reprieve from the daily grind of planning, organizing, managing, running, paperworking, meeting, and putting off those things that we need to do for ourselves but for which we simply can't find the time. It is a great relief to put away the to-do list and the crap-I-still need-to-do list for a bit. We can stop worrying about things, set our brains free, relax, and find ourselves again.  

It is time for us to put on the music, take off our pants, and dance. 

So, in honor of all teachers and staff in the school system, I give you the greatest day-after-school-is-out song ever:  

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