Friday, May 23, 2014

Well, So Much For That

Day 2 of solitary splendor, and the spell has been broken. 

El marido is home sick today, which means that baby boyo also stays home since he works with his dad and apparently cannot yet be trusted alone in the office.  Poor kid, his reward from graduating from college last weekend is to study his arse off for the hardest test in all mankind--the CPA exam (duh duh duh DAAAAAAH).  His Friday will be spent with his nose in a book and taking online practice exams.  And Max, well, poor Max, too.  He caught a boomerang cold--you know, the kind that gets better right before it rebounds into the mother of all illnesses.  He is consoling himself with a hot toddy, for which I broke open the really good single malt, and his favorite computer strategy game.  

I guess this means I better make some soup.  
It's a good thing I went to the store yesterday. 

The domestic thing, well, now, there's a trick. Given my lingering habit of thinking all my time is my own, it's still something of a surprise when plans change and I need to Do Something Important for other inhabitants of the house, like, say, cook. Fortunately, high levels of practice have almost eliminated my anxiety (although not confusion) about cooking practices. It helps tremendously that boys will snorf up anything in the blink of an eye and not complain a bit about the quality. It also helps that meat is off the menu now, which I never got used to touching, much less cooking, ew. Thank goodness we have a big pot to just throw all the veggies into.  Stir, stir, spice, spice, stir again, and voila!  Food and stuff.  

I think everyone will be okay today, so you can quit your worrying. Max will rest and recuperate with a kitty nearby. Boyo will get caught up on his studying, which may free up his weekend for some fun things. And me, I'll get the joy of taking care of some of the most important people there are to me, on top of some experimentation with spices in the kitchen. I just wish they wouldn't eat it so fast so I could enjoy the look of blissful culinary delight on their faces a little longer.*

* I would take even just one moment of blissful culinary delight.

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